Messiah's Messengers M/M is a motorcycle outreach ministry of Fort Myers Central Foursquare Church in Fort Myers, Florida. Fellowship rides and lunch runs are conducted after some church services on Sundays. Riders come from several other churches to join members of Foursquare for the runs. We are also joined by non-church members as well. You need not possess a particular brand of motorcycle to ride with our group.

We meet at many of the Foursquare services - usually, Sundays at 10:30 AM . Fort Myers Central Foursquare Church is located at: (call for current location) Our Senior Pastor is Ben Naughton. All are welcome in biker apparel, including colors/patches.

Messiah's Messengers M/M is here to provide spiritual outreach services to bikers/trikers/motorcyclists and related organizations located in Lee County. All donations received from the various Church Crash activities are given to a local biker(s)/biker family in need. There are no further "Crash" dates planned, for now.

6th Annual Lee County Church Crash - January 30, 2005 - Messiah's Messengers M/M and Fort Myers Foursquare Church event...CLICK HERE FOR THE 2005 PHOTOS! Thanks, for attending! The 8th Annual Lee County Church Crash took place on January 27th and 28th, 2007. Click HEREfor details. PHOTOS - CLICK HERE.

13th Annual

Lee County Church Crash!



January 21st and 22nd 2012Thank you for supported this event!

Presented by:

Run-to-the-Church (Escorted by Lee County Sheriff Traffic Unit and Enforcers M/C). Registration starts at 9AM. KSU at 10AM from: DMS Custom Choppers, 16385 San Carlos Boulevard, Ft. Myers. Refreshments by DMS and Light of the Glades Church. Slow Race Championship of the Universe (male and female trophies) Son Catchers - former John Lennon guitarist, Michael Rose and Valerie will provide incredible music, with back-up: Bountifully Blessed Biker Band St. Myers Foursquare Church is located at 2222 Cleveland Ave. (US 41), just 1/4 block S. of Victoria St. in the Atway Accounting complex in Ft. Myers, 2 blocks north of Lee Memorial Hospital. Ft. Myers Foursquare Church is located at 2222 Cleveland Ave. (US 41), just 1/4 block S. of Victoria St. in the Atway Accounting complex in Ft. Myers, 2 blocks north of Lee Memorial Hospital. DMS is located near the Iona area - south of the Gladiolus, Mc Gregor Blvd. and San Carlos Blvd. intersection. If coming from I-75, take Daniels to Mc Gregor Boulevard. Turn south (left) onto McGregor and continue south (look for the Royal Palms) on McGregor until it becomes San Carlos Blvd/ Lee County Road 865. DMS is a few blocks on the left (east) side of San Carlos Blvd... OR, take Summerlin Road heading SW. to San Carlos Boulevard. Take a right, north on San Carlos Blvd/Lee County Road 865 and go several blocks north. DMS is on the right. Suggested donation: $5.00 per person - one donation covers any/or all participation in: Run-to-the-Church; Slow Race Championship; Trike Games; and Bike Show. All biker donations for the event will be given to a local biker/family in need.

Motorcycles – Our passion

We admit that motorcycles are our life passion. Whether you are a religious person or not and regardless you come to our church or to another, we invite you to join our motorcycle club. We are the Messiah’s Messengers and we meet each Sunday to exchange opinions on our greatest passion – motorcycles. It does not matter if you ride a Suzuki, Toyota, Honda or Harley Davidson. Meet us in Florida and we will show you the best driving roads for motorcycle lovers.

Where to ride your motorcycle in Florida

If you feel the thrills every time when you take your motorcycle out of your garage, it means that you are like us. The members of Messiah’s Messengers have regular meetings when we enjoy driving on the most scenic routes in Florida. One of our most preferred roads stretches from Florida City to Key West. The Overseas Highway is stunning and it sure is a must for any motorcycle lover. You will drive on a 7 mile bridge and all you will see is water surrounding you and the nice road ahead.

Join our club and Messiah’s Messengers will lead you to the Tail of the Gecko. This scenic route is hidden in the heart of the state and it is said to have a personality all its own. Fill your tank, pack something for lunch, check your tires and get ready to ride the Tail of the Gecko! You will not get to see any http://www.eros.com escorts on your way, but this route will take you nearby cute farms with white fences and where locals ride their horses. You might encounter sand obstacles, so pay attention to these hazardous conditions, use late apex and brake some time before leaning the bike over and nothing bad will happen.

We totally recommend you to ride your bike on Bishop Harbor Road, this amazing place with gorgeous views of the backwaters of Tampa Bay. Not all bikers are aware of the existence of it, but since you will be a member of our team, we will be glad to show you the way. Then we will take you to Green Swamp, this heavenly place where you will absolutely love driving your motorcycle.

We will take the Fletcher Road exit from I-75 from Tampabay and drive smoothly east on Morris Bridge Road. This section and the road ahead are sprinkled with twisty sections and paths where it will be a real pleasure to drive your bike. We will pass by wonderful landscapes, enjoy the lovely weather and stop for a picnic when the engines will be too hot.

Although this route in Green Swamp is almost 130 miles, the road conditions are great and the rural roads will charm your eyes, even though there are not too many fuel stops. We will take you to Old Dade City Road, this place which is not quite populated and then we will drive on Rockridge Road, where it will be nice if we will restrain our riding style so the locals will not get upset because of our presence. Become a member of Messiah’s Messengers and we will give you the best tips regarding motorcycles, roads and driving!

Ft. Myers Foursquare Church is the home of Messiah's Messengers M/M. Call for motorcycling fellowship and ride times. For additional information, please contact the event coordinator, Tom at: 239-267-8641or e-mail: tprovenz@comcast.net or www.messia.org